Working Group 3

Strength, stiffness and appearance grading

WG 3 focuses on reviewing the use of existing systems of measurement, encouraging their wider application and providing a forum for co-operation in the development of new advanced grading systems. The following topics are included. Working areas for suitable and accurate grading are:
  • More advanced non-destructive methods and combination of methods for strength grading. For example flexible systems combining strength and appearance
  • More accurate and high-speed machines at a reasonable cost
  • Grading early in the production process. For example, grading logs to obtain an enrichment of logs that, after sawing, are more likely to give higher yields of structural timber
  • Visual strength grading by means of surface scanning techniques. Existing systems could be further developed for grading with respect to strength.
  • On-line strength grading

    On-line strength gradin
    Courtesy of Mikael Perstorper