• COST E53 Final Conference in Edinburgh
  • COST E53 Conference in Lisbon
  • SC Meeting in Paris
  • MC7 Meeting in Bled
  • MC6 Meeting in Delft
  • COST E53 WG Meetings in Bled
  • COST E53 Conference in Delft
  • Literature - Fundamentals of wood drying
  • MC5 Meeting in Oslo
  • COST E53 WG Meetings in Oslo
  • COST E53 Conference in Warsaw
  • MC4 Meeting in Warsaw
  • WG1 Meeting in Hamburg
  • WG2 Meeting (& Workshop) in Riga
  • WG3 Meeting in Hamburg

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    Cost E53 > Scientific programme > Working Group 1

    Working Group 1

    Scanning for wood properties

    The focus is on the following topics:
    • Technologies for measuring properties of wood
    • 3D scanning of stems and logs for quality assessment, grading and optimization of conversion procedures
    • Scanning of sawn timber, components and boards for grading and classification purposes
    • Evaluation methods for research orientated and industrial scanning systems
    • Detection of wood properties for optimal allocation of wood raw material and selection of material for value added products
    Scanning for wood properties


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