Scientific programme

The objectives and work programme of Action E53 are shared between three Working Groups (WG):

  • Working Group 1: Scanning for wood properties
  • Working Group 2: Moisture content and distortion
  • Working Group 3:Strength, stiffness and appearance grading

    The three WGs are assisted by a Task Group for requirements and the specification of end-use related properties which deals with gathering and generating qualitative and quantitative knowledge about demands and expectations that end users in European countries impose on various timber products.

    Benefits of the Action

  • Well-defined quality control parameters
  • Improved methods of data collection and processing
  • Evaluation methods for scanning and quality control systems
  • Comprehensive overview of the state of the art
  • Best practice procedures to facilitate achievement of the required quality control
  • Harmonisation of corresponding legalisation and standardisation
  • Strategic information for possible European Commission frameworks
  • Multi-disciplinary ‘team’ under one umbrella