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    Fundamentals of wood drying

    About the book
    The present book originates from the work of WG 2 (Fundamentals aspects of wood drying) of COST action E15 (Advances in the drying of wood). It should be considered as a the state-of-the-art of fundamental knowledge concerning the phenomena involved in wood drying. The book contains 13 chapters:
    1. From fundamental to practice: the interaction chain
    2. Wood anatomy, an introduction
    3. Psychometrics
    4. Sorption isotherms in wood
    5. Shrinkage, swelling and warp caused by moisture changes
    6. Bound water migration in wood
    7. Fluid migration in wood
    8. Creep deformation in drying wood
    9. External heat and mass transfer
    10. Coupled heat and mass transfer
    11. Stress development
    12. Discoloration of wood during drying
    13. Airflow within kilns
    Fundamentals of wood drying

    Fundamentals of wood drying

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