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    4. MC meeting in Warsaw

    Topic:      COST E53 4. MC meeting
    Location:  “Kyriad Prestige Hotel”, 2 Towarowa St., Warsaw, Poland
    Date:       17th October 2007, at 08:00 hrs.

    Invitation to the 4th management Committee meeting and Accompanying Events

    Dear MC Member,

    This letter is the official invitation to the 4rd meeting of the Management Committee of COST Action E53 and accompanying events to be held on 15 - 17 October 2007 at Kyriad Prestige Hotel, 2 Towarowa St, Warsaw, Poland. In the attachment you will find the draft agenda (pdf) for the 4th Management Committee meeting scheduled to start on Wednesday, 17 October 2007 at 8:00 hrs.

    Assuming that you have already received the information prepared by the local organiser (including the detailed programme and some practical information on the venue, accommodation etc.), please arrange your registration and reservation details following those guidelines given. If you have not received any information, please turn to the local organiser Dr. Marek Grzeskiewicz.

    The COST Office will reimburse the travel costs of eligible MC members (max. 2 delegates per country) as well as eligible WG members. The available financial means only allow the reimbursement of max. 6 persons per signatory country. However, the total number of participants to be reimbursed should not exceed 60. If it turns out, on the basis of pre-registration, that the number of eligible participants would be higher than 60, it is up to the Action Chairman - before the meeting - to decide on who will be reimbursed.

    After having finalised the consultations with all signatory countries Action Chairman Prof. Robert Kliger will send out a list of nominations for reimbursement in the course of the next days.

    The reimbursement will be carried out according to the existing standard rules. Due to the tight budget situation all participants are kindly requested to use cheap flight arrangements. Business class tickets can not be reimbursed. Furthermore, the relevant guidelines concerning the reimbursement of eligible missions stating that travel costs are refunded on the principle of the most economical overall expenditure have to be respected adequately.

    In addition, please note that this invitation is sent to the nominated MC members only. In the case you are sending a substitute, please forward this invitation to him/her and inform the COST-Office. All MC members are kindly asked to inform their national Working Group members adequately as there will be no communication between the COST-Office and the Working Group members.

    With best regards,
    Günter Siegel, COST Domain Forests, their Products and Services

  • Agenda of the 4. MC meeting
  • Reimbursement information
  • Checklist Reimbursement Form
  • PS.:  To facilitate and accelerate the reimbursement of the travel costs all participants are asked to bring a completed reimbursement form (incl. copy of the passenger receipt (if necessary additional copy of the financial statement issued by your travel agency)) to the meeting in Warsaw.

    MC4 Invitation (pdf)


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