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    Final Conference in Edinburgh

    Topic:      Conference COST Action E53 "The future of quality control for wood & wood products" in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Location:  Our Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8AS, UK
    Date:       04th 07th May 2010

    Important deadlines:

  • 06th January 2010:     Deadline for abstracts
  • 18th January 2010:     Acceptance of abstracts
  • 01th February 2010:    Final programme
  • 01th March 2010:        Final registration
  • 15th March 2010:        Submission of full papers
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  • Programme & All presentation

    Tue, 04th May 2010
    Wood drying workshop (European Drying Group), Evening social
    Wed, 05th May 2010
    Industry focussed day, Rainforest reception and banquet
    Thu, 06th May 2010
    Research day
    Fri, 07th May 2010
    UK presentations and technical tour

    List of papers

    Wood drying workshop (European Drying Group, EDG)


    [#81 paper, presentation]

    Introduction to the European Drying Group (The Netherlands) W. Gard


    [#02 paper, presentation]

    Investigations concerning the possibility to minimize the stacks aerodynamic resistance (Romania) I.B. Bedelean & D. Sova


    [#36 paper, presentation]

    Pre-sorting for density in drying batches of Norway spruce boards (Norway) Y. Steiner & A. Ovrum


    [#48 paper, presentation]

    Dtouch - drying has never been so easy (Italy) O. Allegretti, I. Cuccui, S. Ferrari & A. Sione


    [#56 paper, presentation]

    Impact of various conventional drying conditions on drying rate and on moisture content gradient during early stage of beechwood drying (Slovenia/Croatia) A. Straze, S. Pervan, Z. Gorisek


    [#29 paper, presentation]

    Electrical impedance measurement of green Scots pine (Finland) L. Tomppo, M. Tiitta & R. Lappalainen


    [#43 paper, presentation]

    Eucalyptus drying process: qualitative comparison of different clones cultivated in Italy (Italy) L. Travan, O. Allegretti & M.Negri


    [#34 paper, presentation]

    Criterial assessment of the drying quality (Romania) D. Şova, A. Postelnicu & B. Bedelean


    [#26 paper, presentation]

    Quality control by colour measurements after different drying schedules of solid plantation teakwood (Austria) H.L. Pleschberger, A. Teischinger, U. Muller & C. Hansmann


    [#10 paper, presentation]

    Inclusion of the sorption hysteresis phenomenon in future drying models. Some basic considerations. (Finland) J-G. Salin


    [#11 paper, presentation]

    Fibre level modelling of free water behaviour in drying and wetting (Finland) J-G. Salin


    [#40 paper, presentation]

    The water vapour sorption kinetics of Sitka spruce at different temperatures analysed using the parallel exponential kinetics model (UK) C.A.S. Hill , Y-J Xie


    [#64 paper, presentation]

    Tracing thermal treatment in wood using RFID (Greece) G. Ntalos, M. Skarvelis & D. Karampatzakis


    Industry focussed day


    [#80 paper, presentation]

    Opening presentation (UK) R. Coppock


    [#73 paper, presentation]

    Timber quality for the construction industry (Sweden) I.R. Kliger


    [#55 paper, presentation]

    Norwegian architects' and civil engineers' attitudes to wood in urban construction (Norway) K. Bysheim & A.Q. Nyrud


    [#76 paper, presentation]

    The problems with standardisation? (UK) J. Park


    [#54 paper, presentation]

    Practical engineering considerations when using solid hardwood to replace steel and concrete structure (UK) R. Thorniley-Walker


    [#70 paper, presentation]

    Sawmilling and Sawing Process in the Future (Finland) A. Usenius, P. Holmila, A. Heikkila &,T. Usenius


    [#50 paper, presentation]

    Deciding log grade for payment based on X-ray scanning of logs (Sweden) J. Oja, J. Skog, J. Edlund & L. Bjorklund


    [#14 paper, presentation]

    Assessing timber quality of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) (UK) E. Macdonald, J. Moore, T. Connolly & B. Gardiner


    [#59 paper, presentation]

    Using acoustic tools to improve the efficiency of the forestry wood chain in eastern Canada (Canada) A. Achim, N. Paradis, A. Salenikovich & H. Power


    [#74 paper, presentation]

    Drying quality - an important topic for business and research (Germany) J. Welling


    [#72 paper, presentation]

    Do's and don'ts in respect to moisture measurement (The Netherlands) P. Rozema


    [#35 paper, presentation]

    Sorting of logs and planks before drying for improved drying process and panel board quality (Norway) K.M. Sandland & P. Gjerdrum


    [#15 paper, presentation]

    Emissions of volatile organic compounds from convection dried Norway spruce timber (Germany) V. Steckel, J. Welling & M. Ohlmeyer


    [#75 paper, presentation]

    Advances and the future of grading structural timber (Sweden) C. Bengtsson


    [#32 paper, presentation]

    Strength grading of wet Norway spruce side boards for use as laminations in wet-glued laminated beams (Sweden) J. Oscarsson, A. Olsson, M. Johansson, B. Enquist & E. Serrano


    [#37 paper, presentation]

    The potential for estimation of log value by the use of traceability concepts (Norway) A. Ovrum


    [#67 paper, presentation]

    Potential of poplar and willow wood for load-bearing constructions (Belgium) L. De Boever & J. Van Acker


    [#44 paper, presentation]

    Thermo-mechanical densification of Pannonia Poplar (Hungary) J. Abraham, R. Nemeth & S. Molnar


    Research focussed day


    [#21 paper, presentation]

    Quality control and improvement of structural timber (Switzerland) M. Deublein, R. Steiger & J. Kohler


    [#31 paper, presentation]

    Influence of the origin on specific properties of European spruce and pine (Germany / Austria) P. Stapel, J.K. Denzler


    [#23 paper, presentation]

    Variability of strength of in-grade spruce timber (Finland) A. Ranta-Maunus


    [#71 paper, presentation]

    The influence of knot size and location on the yield of grading machines (Germany) A. Rais, P. Stapel, & J.W.G. van de Kuilen


    [#03 paper, presentation]

    Near-infrared technology applications for quality control in wood processing (Canada) K.Watanabe, J.F. Hart, S.D. Mansfield & S. Avramidis (recorded presentation)


    [#45 paper, presentation]

    Knots in CT scans of Scots pine logs (Germany) R. Baumgartner, F. Bruechert & U. H. Sauter


    [#07 paper, presentation]

    The use of log geometry variables to determine the stiffness of Sitka spruce (UK) T. N. Reynolds , S. Porter


    [#33 paper, presentation]

    Tensile strain fields around an edge knot in a spruce specimen (Sweden) J. Oscarsson A. Olsson & B. Enquist


    [#69 paper, presentation]

    Modelling behaviour of timber from images analysis (France) J.L. Coureau, A. Cointe & M. Giton (not presented due to travel difficulties)


    [#47 paper, presentation]

    Grading characteristics of structural Slovak spruce timber determined by ultrasonic and bending methods (Slovakia) A. Rohanova R. Lagana & J. Dubovsky


    [#62 paper, presentation]

    Strategies for quality control of strength graded timber (Netherlands / Germany) G.J.P.Ravenshorst & J.W.G. van de Kuilen


    [#38 paper, presentation]

    Machine strength grading - prediction limits - evaluation of a new method for derivation of settings (Sweden) R. Ziethen & C. Bengtsson


    [#27 paper, presentation]

    Development of a simulation-evaluation program for introducing and using output control in the sawmill industry (Sweden) A. Lycken, R. Ziethen & C. Bengtsson


    [#01 paper, presentation]

    The use of non-destructive methods for the evaluation of fungal decay in field testing by dynamic vibration (Germany) A. Krause, A. Pfeffer & H. Militz


    [#04 paper, presentation]

    Strength estimation of aged wood by means of ultrasonic devices (Switzerland) K. Kranitz, M. Deublein & P. Niemz


    [#05 paper, presentation]

    Wood windows in the 21st Century: end user requirements, limits and opportunities (Hungary) L. Elek, Zs. Kovacs & L. Denes


    [#53 paper, presentation]

    A few Elastic Properties of Drilled Rectangular Bars of Poplar Wood (Iran) A.Yavari, M. Roohnia & A. Tajdini


    [#06 paper, presentation]

    Quality control of glulam: Improved method for shear testing of glue lines (Switzerland) R. Steiger & E. Gehri


    [#17 paper, presentation]

    Assessment of the shear strength of glued-laminated timber in existing structures (Switzerland) T. Tannert, A. Muller & T. Vallee


    [#12 paper, presentation]

    Validity of bending tests on strip-shaped specimens to derive bending strength and stiffness properties of cross-laminated solid timber (X-lam) (Switzerland) R. Steiger & A. Gulzow


    [#22 paper, presentation]

    An objective method to measure and evaluate the quality of sanded wood surfaces (Romania) L. Gurau


    [#58 paper, presentation]

    Early-stage prediction and modeling strength properties of Lithuanian-grown Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris L.) (Lithuania) A. Baltrusaitis, M. Aleinikovas & L. Kudakas


    [#20 paper, presentation]

    Strength grading of Slovenian structural sawn timber (Slovenia) J. Srpcic, M. Plos, T. Pazlar & G. Turk


    [#61 paper, presentation]

    A multidisciplinary study assessing the properties of Douglas-fir grown in the South West region of England (UK) J.M. Bawcombe, R. Harris, P. Walker & M.P. Ansell


    [#39 paper, presentation]

    Assessing stiffness on finger-jointed timber with different non-destructive testing techniques (Germany / Canada) T. Biechele, Y.H. Chui & M. Gong


    [#49 paper, presentation]

    Dynamic excitation and higher bending modes for prediction of timber bending strength (Sweden) A.M.J. Olsson, J. Oscarsson, B.M. Johansson & B. Kallsner


    [#19 paper, presentation]

    Strength grading of structural lumber by portable lumber grading - effect of knots (Hungary) F. Divos , F. Sismandy Kiss


    Technical tour


    [#77 paper, presentation]

    The resurgence of timber as a primary building material in Edinburgh's architecture (UK) P. Wilson (delegates received a copy of 'New Timber Architecture in Scotland')


    [#78 paper, presentation]

    The John Hope Gateway Biodiversity Centre (UK) R. Harris, P. Roberts & I. Hargreaves


    [#79 paper, presentation]

    Structural Performance of thinned oak containers (UK) N. Savage & A. Kermani


    Poster papers


    [#46 paper]

    Bark recognition on Robinia pseudoacacia L. logs using computer tomography (Germany) M. J. Diaz Baptista, F. Bruechert & U. H. Sauter


    [#51 paper]

    Acoustic tools for seedling, tree and log selection (Hungary) F. Divos


    [#18 paper]

    Fracture toughness and shear yield strength determination of steam kiln-dried wood (Poland) K.A. Orlowski & M.A. Wierzbowski


    [#25 paper]

    Experimental study and numerical simulation of flow pattern and heat transfer during steam drying wood (Poland) J. Barański, M. A. Wierzbowski, J. A. Stasiek


    [#28 paper]

    Novel non-destructive methods for wood (Finland) M. Tiitta, L. Tomppo & R. Lappalainen.


    [#41 paper]

    Photodegradation and weathering effects on timber surface moisture profiles as studied using Dynamic Vapour Sorption (UK) V.Sharratt, C.A.S.Hill, S.F.Curling, J.Zaihan & D.P.R.Kint.


    [#52 paper]

    Experiments for wood cup description (Slovakia) R. Hrčka & R. Lagaňa


    [#30 paper]

    Ultrasound measurements of glulam beams to assess bending stiffness and strength (Finland) R. Stod & H. Herajarvi


    [#60 paper]

    Quality Approval System for Wood Products in Korea (South Korea) S.M. Kang, D.Y. Kang, W.M. Koo, K.M. Kim & J.Y. Park


    [#68 paper]

    Lumber value of dead and sound black spruce trees in the boreal forest of Quebec (Canada) J.Barrette, D.Pothier, I. Duchesne & N. Gelinas


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