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    Cost E53

    Cost E53

    COST Action E53 “Quality control for wood and wood products”


    Chair: Prof. Robert Kliger

    The principal aim of the COST Action E53 is to improve methods of quality control in processing round wood and timber to ensure that timber products and components meet the requirements of the users. The Action will also promote the improvement of specifications for timber products and contribute to the economic optimisation of production so that the full environmental and sustainability benefits of the forestry wood chain can be realised. Improved quality control systems will help to increase the competitiveness of the wood sector, ensure that round wood is optimally processed and that the European wood industry provides wood products which are well adapted to end user requirements.

    Special attention is paid to
  • scanning of stems and logs for characterisation of geometrical and quality properties
  • determination of moisture content and distortion
  • assessment of strength, stiffness and visual appearance of timber and wood products.

    Through interaction between European industries and the research community, and by joining various research disciplines together, this Action represents an ambitious initiative to strengthen the competitiveness of sawn timber in Europe. Anyone with an interest in this Action is welcome to contribute.
    Timber used in framed construction
    Quality assessment in practice
    Timber used in framed construction
    Quality assessment in practice
    Quality assessment in practice
    Courtesy of Robert Kliger
    Courtesy of Pieter Rozema
    Courtesy of Daniel Aleon

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